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Unfortunately, and perhaps tragically — when Alexio eventually gets to England, he is mightily disappointed with the reality that welcomes him.

Most of his experiences remain suspended between being inside the English country, and being an outsider.

Zuze akadya chingwa chemurungu wake, not knowing kuti murungu kept a stock record sheet. “Imi munongoti zviri kufaya, zviri kufaya ku Zimbabwe. (The white girl waves and says hi, zviri kufayaaaa). Ndakakajumha.”At that point, the girl says “Ndakakajumha-jumha” and the boys adds, “Kamubhoyi.” We know where that excitement comes from.

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I think she was just a housemaid, that type which got sneaked into the UK and they are mistaking the UK for heaven.

We had disembarked from the same flight and as we were queuing to get our passports stamped, he could not contain his excitement.

He gleefully rubbed his hands and started talking to me. Nyangwe kuchisevewa sadza nedoro this is the place that makes us complete.”What the gentleman was talking about is that when you are home, you have dignity.

Dignity is that state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.

One of the things that I personally experienced with horror and pain was that, when you are in these foreign lands, which have become hunting grounds and homes of most of our folk, you are made to be extremely aware that you do not fit or belong here.As a result, the black man felt inferior to the superior race.

Derudover naturligvis en mængde spændende oplevelser i et forpligtende fællesskab. På skolen skaber vi et kreativt, fagligt miljø, hvor medborgerskab og ansvarlighed er omdrejningspunktet. Vi har alle noget, som vi er gode til, som giver os glæde, tilfredsstillelse og værdi. Vi giver dig boglig læring, kreative udfoldelser - både intellektuelt og fysisk - samt et livgivende fællesskab. Hardsyssel Efterskole er efterskolen for Outdoor, Sport, Musik og Film - og for dig. Næste skoleår 2018/19 tager vi alle til New York - turen er med i prisen.… continue reading »

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Using the term sex worker rather than prostitute also allows more members of this industry to be represented and helps ensure that individuals who are actually prostitutes are not singled out and associated with the negative connotations of "prostitute".… continue reading »

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Urbansocial was created by two singles looking for an online dating service where they could meet the sort of people they wanted to, like those you spot in the gym, at your local bar or on the way to work.… continue reading »

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The English word whore derives from the Old English word hōra, from the Proto-Germanic *hōrōn (prostitute), which derives from the Proto-Indo-European root *keh₂- meaning "desire", a root which has also given us Latin cārus (dear), whence the French cher (dear, expensive) and the Latin cāritās (love, charity).… continue reading »

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This year alone, we have SEVEN high profile engagements between billionaire men and what are supposedly (according to Western culture) the most undesirable women on earth—Black women.… continue reading »

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