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He never designed His ministry to give people what they wanted. Robertson - The presence of seven demons in one person indicates special malignity (Mark 5:9). for the parable of the demon who came back with seven other demons worse than the first. A person entrusted to act in another’s name or to whose care anything is committed by another (Mt. Vincent - From epitrepo, to turn toward; thence to turn over to, transfer, and so commit or intrust to.

It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord.” So, as ministers of Christ, we need not be ashamed to minister spiritual things to the people, and to receive of their carnal things in return. Richards writes "This group of words expresses powerlessness. Although this is the last mention of her in the Bible, she was probably among the women who gathered with the apostles to await the promised coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts ).

But here in the text (Lk 8:1-3) there is a remarkable insight into the scope of Jesus' ministry --- how He limited His ministry according to the divine purpose. It's critical in any ministry that's going to have any kind of impact. On the countercultural role of women in the Gospels, Bilezikian’s (19-97) comments are perceptive: “This overt participation of women in the latter part of the ministry of Jesus established an audacious precedent in the Palestinian world at that time (confirmed in Mark ).

– Policia e Shtetit / Interpoli për shkëmbim informacioni në sistem lidhur me rastet e grabitjeve dhe vjedhjeve të objekteve të trashëgimisë kulturore në vend, si dhe në rastet e denoncimeve nga Institucionet Ndërkombëtare që operojnë brenda dhe jashtë RSH.… continue reading »

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