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It was revealed during the trial of Gavrilo Princip and Nedelko Cabrinovic, the assassins of Franz Ferdinand the heir to the Austrian thronethat the French Masonic organization Grand Orient was behind the assassination plans, and not the Serbian nationalist organization the Black Hand.

This enormous provocation had been planned in Paris in at 16 Rue Cadets, the headquarters of Grand Orient.

It was also clear to the Germans that the Bolsheviks would be able to efficiently weaken Russia.

Parvus was close to him and had great influence over him.

It was this Volpi who, in Octoberbrought the socialist-fascist Benito Mussolini into power, making the King appoint him prime minister.

He was also behind the founding of Libya in Mussolini had been especially pleased with the murder of the Russian Prime Minister Stolypin, whom he called "the tyrant by the Neva" in an article.

Friedrichshafen single schiff Cabrinovic revealed in court how the freemasons had sentenced Franz Ferdinand to death.

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We provide much more than just a roof - we are place of positive change and growth, enabling people to move on and lead independent lives.The ambassador strongly recommended employing Helphand to undermine Russia since "he is an exceedingly important man, whose unusual power we should be able to utilize during the war".

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