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It might make matters clearer to you.....i mean, with all due respect people who have common sense would already understand that.I played many visual novel dating sims and dating sim/RPG hybrids before, so I have been long since been used to it.But even with that I got derailed into Emi's story path rather than the one I wanted to be on.The manga and anime basically sold me on the characters otherwise I wouldn't know what to think of it.Auerdem hast du exklusiv als Mitglied die Mglichkeit an unseren Fuball Tippspielen (1. Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, Champions League, u.v.m.) teilzunehmen! This came up in the other Dreamcast thread, but I didn't want to derail that one by asking in there.

Normally they look like young adults, but in swim suits, they all look like 6 year old girls or something. ) one is creepy.========================================== Might i suggest looking at it from a game's standpoint and not a real life standpoint?

I haven't really played them, other than to just try it out for a bit.

Comic Party was an exception that I have played a decent bit of it, mostly because I had a guide book.

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I feel uncomfortable only cos all the girls have kiddie figures. I just made it to that part a few days ago, and after choosing Maerwen to be my "date" Sonja came by and decided to cook for me.

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