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02-Nov-2017 11:10

To view a Vulnerability Report of a IP/Domain, click the ' ' beside the respective device and then click the 'Vulnerability Report' button in the row of the respective IP/Domain.

An example of the Vulnerability Report is given below.

Strong passwords have a combination of letters and numbers, punctuation, no words or slang that might be found in a dictionary.

Passwords should only be used for one application, not reused throughout the web.

A Vulnerability Report provides a detailed overview of scan results on a single IP/Domain.

It includes a prioritized list of the vulnerabilities found, expert remediation advice and thousands of cross-referenced online advisories.

Shows the severity of the vulnerability according to the CVSS score.

The NVD provides severity rankings of "Low", "Medium", and "High" in addition to the numeric CVSS scores but these qualitative rankings are simply mapped from the numeric CVSS scores: Provides CVE index of standardized names for vulnerabilities and other information security exposures, BID numbers and other references to the vulnerability.

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SQL injections occur when a hacker is able to add rogue commands to user input fields executed by your database.

For the especially concerned, Gizmodo asked the researchers for advice on how to defend against these attacks: “ a) never access a dating app via public Wi-Fi, b) install software that scans your phone for malware, and c) never specify your place of work or similar identifying information inside your dating profile.”They’re not the only group of researchers to find a chink in a dating app’s armor.

A team from the University of Washington presenting at the American Computing Society later this month have found that buying mobile ads can enable a person to track a user’s location.

As writes, this method doesn’t require the resources of a corporation (of the kind you might expect to buy your data anyways): it costs 00 to buy such an ad.

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As there may be multiple, independent hacks in place, even if you're able to find and fix one vulnerability, we recommend continuing to search for others.This gives the best suited remediation measure for the vulnerability found.