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Denizens of the Land of Enchantment may be happy to learn that in America’s largest cities, a meal for two can cost more than a thousand dollars.That’s a mortgage payment–or at least a student loan payment–for some of us. That formula determined the most expensive restaurant in the fruited plain to be New York City’s Masa where a meal for two will set you back 00..” The “chronic diseases” cited in the study were allergies, cancer and mental illness.While this study and its methodologies have largely been discredited, my former colleague Matt Mauler, a fanatical meat-and-potatoes paramour, likes to cite this study when someone “preaches” the virtues of vegetarianism.Situated in a 1,440 square-foot space, part of which previously housed the India Palace, The Acre is seasonal, local and in this omnivore’s estimation, so good it defies labels.It’s the antithesis of the stereotypical vegetarian restaurants which showcase tofu, sprouts and kale (and which help perpetuate beliefs of folks like Matt).Ultimately, the seasonality of the pasta dish won me over.Though labeled strictly “” on the menu, this dish is so much more: roasted butternut squash, Gorgonzola cream, piñon and Parmesan.

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It’s the time of year in which the “in-your-face” media practically forces a reminiscence–either fondly or with disgust–about the year that was.

It’s very good on its own with a moistness and flavor yes, even carnivores will enjoy.

The burger also includes Cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion with mustard and ketchup on the side. From among the “mains” section of the menu, deciding whether to have mac n’ cheese, enchiladas or pasta will prove a challenge akin to selecting one favorite from among your three favorite Dallas Cowboys.

propels all the others into my repository of bad memories.

The “beef” substitute is a beet-black bean combination which might not make you forget your favorite 80-percent lean ground chuck to 20-percent fat content ratio, but it shouldn’t.This dish is reminiscent of so many rich, delicious pasta dishes found at Italian restaurants.