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03-Jul-2017 19:37

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Additionally, it is also a red flag if they try to keep you from doing anything you love.

It’s hard to move on when you’ve still got your mind on old relationships.

The same old “maybe I will find someone who will do that instead” or “I will find someone better” story puts nothing but stress on your relationship to the point where you really are unsure of the health or condition of your relationship.

If you text your partner and it takes them ages to respond, yet when they are with you, they are never off their phone, that may be something to think about.

If they do something wrong or something to hurt you, but never accept responsibility for the issue and rather just throw up excuses to why that behavior is okay or how it’s different in this case, that’s a major red flag.

When’s the last time they apologized for their behaviour?

There’s a point where it all becomes too much, especially if your partner would never want to comply with the same set of rules that they place on you.

They keep bringing up old things you’ve said, by mistake or even if you’ve forgotten saying it. It will get to the point where your significant other despises your friends or family.It’s not uncommon for one person to continuously apologize, just to end the fight, regardless if they were right or wrong.