Ps3 not updating gta 5

03-Nov-2017 01:48

The overall experience provides both force and motion feedback to players, which can be seen in action in the video below.A post from the makers of the new clip, Force Dynamics, explains: "We made GTA V work on the 401cr motion system.There's a behaviour-moderating fix that sees players having to pay the hospital bills of any passive player that they kill.Several exploitation glitches have also been addressed.The developer announced that the online heists are not just for owners of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game – heists will also be part of the PC version, as well as for previous generation consoles.There is still no set release date for heists, with Rockstar sticking to its “early in 2015” guns.

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If you haven't already, log on to GTA 5 today for the multiplayer-centric GTA Online update, which adds 10 new jobs for you to complete as well.The new 1.29 title update for last-gen consoles has been launched specifically to tackle cheating issues and fix game bugs and contains no new content for the game.