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10-Dec-2017 17:05

"He's got such positivity happening, without all the drama that exists in the established relationship," says Orlando. Although a new relationship is exciting, "an affair can rekindle the marriage," says Orlando.The marriage will likely fail, unless he decides on his own accord that life isn't better with the other woman. Continue to be the woman he first fell for throughout your marriage. "Men realize who they want for the rest of their lives and that the new relationship isn't as perfect as they thought." But think hard before returning to a cheater.Orlando, author of Fact #5: Cheaters often get friskier with their wives when affairs begin.Just because a husband's touchy-feely doesn't mean his marriage is on firm footing.They could agree to work on things, but it won't matter.If he's still in the throes of a hot, new romance, nothing a woman does will drag him out of it."My first husband cheated on me with a childhood friend," says Diane* from New York City.

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"If he puts his ego to the side, he'll feel like a piece of garbage," says relationship expert Charles J.

Fact #6: Women cheat just as much as men, and their affairs are more dangerous.