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Directed by Adolfo Urzúa, and starring Nicanor de la Sotta, it told the story of Manuel Rodríguez Erdoíza, who fought for Chile's independence from Spain until his death in 1818.

Among the many Chilean directors who took up the art in this period – Salvatore Giambastini, Juan Pérez Berrocal, Jorge "Coke" Délano, Nicanor de la Sotta, Carlos Borcosque and Alberto Santana – one name in particular stands out for film historians: Pedro Sienna, a former stage actor who went on to direct and act in some of the best films of the age.

The oldest surviving feature film is El Húsar de la Muerte (1925)., and the last silent film was Patrullas de Avanzada (1931).

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Without words, it tells an epic story with exquisite touches of humor and provides an accurate description of Chilean colonial society." In 1942, the Chilean Production Development Corporation (Spanish: "Corporación de Fomento de la Producción" or CORFO) created the Chile Films project, which provided filmmakers with technical resources and supported the Chilean film industry.These were the same movies that only eight months earlier, the Lumiere Brothers had shown in Paris.