Elijah wood dating liv tyler

03-Jul-2017 23:12

He is the middle of three children born to Warren and Debbie Wood, who nicknamed Elijah "Spark Plug" because he was a manically energetic child.He has a brother Zack, a video game producer and seven years his senior, as well as a younger sister by three years, Hannah, a poet and actor who has had small roles in a number of his films.

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However, this could be attributed to the One Ring's ability to arrest age as it did for Bilbo.Dude hit adulthood, and then sort of just...stopped. Some things may have changed, like his penchant for wearing his hair with a side-part now, but other than that I'd be hard pressed to tell you which photo came first.Whenever I turn on TV and see Liv Tyler's face it takes me roughly twenty to thirty minutes of examining context clues to see if I am watching The Leftovers or Empire Records.The only difference between the photos was that ten years ago a new Bill and Ted Movie was not in the works and that we doubted Keanu Reeves was definitely a time traveler. I am almost 100% sure that Demi Moore has Benjamin Button's disease. She was a babe ten years ago, a babe the ten years before that, and will continue to be a babe while my grandkids are visiting me in the home to bored to tears as I tell them tales of the Family Kardashian.

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It's weird to think of a child star we've watched become an adult star as being someone who doesn't age, but consider the case of Elijah Wood.

Ah life, and the wonderful double standards you weave.