Dating upperclassmen in high school

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Preface Good Wife University (GWU) Established May 28, 1951 Founders: Mary Ellen Wise and Gwendolyn B.

Smart Mary Ellen Wise and Gwen Smart saw many changes during their lifetimes. They fought for suffrage and saw the 19th Amendment ratified in 1920.

Their lives and marriages improved and all four voluntarily came back, forgiving their mothers for kidnapping them and begging for more.

Before long, others saw how the young families seemed to have fewer problems.

Wise and Smart believed that marital disharmony was often the fault of newly 'liberated' women.

'Liberated' wives discarded traditional roles and values, ignoring proven behavior as being obsolete.

Men had to work so their program was spread out over a series of evening and weekend meetings and retreats.

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She and Dwayne were still together after twelve years "for the kids" but they fought constantly. During one session, Darlene broke down, crying, "I want to be a good wife. They scrimped and saved to buy the kids a computer for Christmas in 1993 before home computers were 'in'. Although the monthly cost strained their budget, they subscribed to an on-line service.

Now, three months later, she was signed up to attend a twelve week long class--starting tonight. Roger said that she needed 'wife training' if they married.

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