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Some people might end up asking: But wouldn't he purr when someone caressed his cheek or something similar? After the little moment in bed, the two had gotten Isis' breakfast out before retreating to the bathroom and 'freshen' up.Well caressing and petting are considered two different things. Practically spent an hour in there by cleaning themselves up, dirtying each other before cleaning each other again.So every now again, when he went by there, Ayame would hound him down to 'pet' him and he would refuse. It was hard to refuse on those times and he had to suck it up on those moments.But since he never came to this world, he never purred at all and thought he grew out of it.Naruto XHarem Rated M for language, violence and lemons. Chapter 14: Secrets The morning rays started to shine through the bedroom, as the light started to creep towards the loft's resident.The brightness of the sunrise had landed upon Selina's sleeping face, causing her to groan in discomfort from her well rested sleep.

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Selina had thought it was just a cruel dream when those moments from last night come to the forefront of her mind as she tried to go back to sleep.She wanted to stay in that dream and never wake up, but Isis had gotten into bed and started to wake her up with her normal morning kisses for her breakfast.*Groan* "I'm getting up Isis, just be patient please."She tried to move as per muscle memory when she felt her lower half really sore.