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26-Aug-2017 21:34

Anger, on the other hand, is nature’s signal that a boundary has been encroached upon, or violated.When you listen to your anger, form a bond with it, and work with it constructively — you naturally pay more attention to your boundaries or lack of them. Codependency is so ubiquitous that first of all, it’s hard to recognize. You need to do three things to determine if a relationship you’re in is codependent: 1.You need to educate yourself until you have a working definition of codependency in your own words that you understand and cannot misinterpret.Very rarely do fear-based decisions end up as constructive ones. But when you’re still figuring things out and emoting.But there’s also a deeper fear that’s involved when ending the relationship in one of the above ways. Once you’ve educated yourself on codependency and noticed your codependent patterns, you’ve done something pretty amazing. You also have to be careful because you can convince yourself that you’re now above codependency.Your anger gives you the fuel to reclaim yourself after you’ve continually given yourself away. Read the literature enough, you’ll see that all the symptoms trace back to lack of physical, mental, psychological, or emotional boundaries.Which usually originates from the family environment.

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Relationships are only healthy when both individuals have healthy personal boundaries.

When the personal boundaries aren’t healthy, break down, or don’t exist — it’s a codependent relationship.