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Arnold, however, was holidaying with his new bride in Dover when he evidently had this experience and this resolution.

He kept it secret for fifteen years, only publishing the poem in 1867, by which time Charles Darwin's Origin of Species had sheared away the myths of Genesis with scientific dispatch.

Arnold left behind a holograph copy of the first 28 lines of Dover Beach in manuscript notes on Empedocles on two loose sheets inserted into Thomas J.

Wise's copy of Arnold's Empedocles on Etna, now British Library Ashley A17, fol. (Words in a smaller size are Arnold's additions; and struck words and letters are his deletions.) Come to the window, hush'd is the night air. Ullmann, in "Dating Through Calligraphy: The Example of `Dover Beach,'" Studies in Bibliography, uses handwriting evidence to date this draft between June 1851 and April 1852.

Time past, yoked to time present, reveals how fragile is the basis of human happiness.

Keats closes his ode, asking if he dreams or wakes.

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Both men say that the imagination acts as the gateway between present and past.The faithful love of friends can replace that between man and God.You say to your partner, "Ah, love, let us to be true / To one another!Arnold thus held on to the complete poem without publishing it until 1867, for fifteen years.

Back to Line [583] Blest are those whose days have not tasted of evil.For when a house has once been shaken by the gods, [585] no form of ruin is lacking, but it spreads over the bulk of the race, just as, when the surge is driven over the darkness of the deep by the fierce breath of Thracian sea-winds, [590] it rolls up the black sand from the depths, and the wind-beaten headlands that front the blows of the storm give out a mournful roar.

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