Argentina amor dating

17-Aug-2017 15:26

With Argentina’s capital crammed full of cafés, bars and nightclubs, porteños have always had thousands of places to meet new people, whether it be a casual date, a chance encounter or a a long-term romantic interest.

For generations in Buenos Aires — a city well-known for its fast-paced social life — most typical encounters went something like this.

The most popular dating application in the country is Tinder (launched in 2012), which simplifies the search for a romantic partner to a simple right or left swipe after gazing at a profile photo (if both people swipe right, a match is made, allowing a conversation to begin).

Over 15 million swipes are made per day in Argentina on the app, the statistics reveal.

It faces the challenge of two other similar apps, Scruff and Growlr.

“Grindr helps people that have difficulties socialising in person, it's kind of like a having pre-drinks with your friends and acquaintances before going to a party,” app user Martin D’Agosto told the Herald.

For example, Tinder uses a variable ratio-reward schedule, the same behaviour psychological system used in slot machines, computer games or when scientists perform experiments on animals, argued one study published by social psychologist Jeanette Purvis.

Even if a user has many matches, the application spaces out notifications to make sure that there is an unpredictable number of responses, ensuring potential matches are randomly allocated.

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“I started using the dating apps after breaking up with my girlfriend in December," Eduardo, a 34-year-old doctor told the Herald. I think it really suits people who have jobs and don’t go out as often as those who are younger," he added, revealing that three out of the four most recent dates he has had with women originated from dating apps. First a match has to be created between the two users, and then the users exchange phone numbers or Facebook profiles and begin a conversation.Unlike social dating sites such as Eharmony or OKcupid that were created when the Internet was in its infancy in the 1990s, the new dating apps don’t use carefully set up algorithms to fix matches — at least not yet.

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