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They came in two input configurations...12 x 8 and 20 x 8.These were priced starting at ,995 suggested retail.The M-35EX gave expansion capability up to 28 inputs.The TASCAM M-50 was a 12 input, 8-buss mixer with 2 independent aux systems.TASCAM introduced the model 244, the second generation Portastudio and the first featuring dbx noise reduction along with 2-band, 4-knobsweepable EQ.The TASCAM 40 series included the 42-NB 1/4" 2-track 2 channel half track mastering and broadcast on-air recorder/reproducer, the 44-OB 1/4" 4-track recorder/reproducer with10 1/2" reels and 15 IPS, and the 48-OB 1/2" 8 track 8 channel recorder/reproducer with SMPTE interlock capability.We include personal stories about the companies when they are provided to us. Later that year TASCAM introduced the TASCAM 52 1/4" 2-channel half-track mastering and broadcast on air recorder/reproducer.

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ATR-602HS Professional 1/2" 2 channel half-track mastering recorder ATR-60/4HS Professional 1/2" 4 channel mastering recorder ATR-60/8 Professional 1/2" 8 channel 8-track production recorder ATR-60/16 Professional 1" 16 channel 16-track production recorder The TASCAM 200 series mixers.The TASCAM M-16 was a mixer with 16 inputs, 8 outputs, and a 16-channel monitor section.

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