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The earrings were also incorporated in the 'chola' style, popular among second-generation Mexican-American girls.

In 2011, Vogue Italia referred to the style as 'slave earrings' in its 'Shop the Trend' section, which it later changed to 'ethnic earrings'.

One received a death threat through Facebook messenger, they said. Oliver issued a statement condemning the 'cycle of violent hate speech' directed at students as a result.

The three students also clarified their intentions behind the artwork in a written statement on, drawing attention to the more systemic forms of inequality.

'Despite erasure, institutions knowingly label forced assimilation as a process of "professional socialization" rather than a process that violently strips identities and culture from women and nonbinary femmes of color.

'On the other hand, white upper-class elite women are able to appropriate fashion created by marginalized groups with no consequences to their well-being, social acceptance, and academic success.' While hoop earrings date back to ancient times, the accessory became increasingly popular among African American women in the 1960s.

They said: 'The true meaning of the mural was to reflect the discrimination that women and nonbinary femmes of color face on college campuses when they are rendered invisible.'They also explained the pressures they faced to shed their 'aesthetic' in order to be taken seriously while white women could engage in cultural appropriation without it hurting their social or academic prospects.'Latinx women are forced to assimilate into academia to be respected while their struggles remain invisible to the institutions,' they wrote.

'If we don’t conform, it becomes difficult to access campus resources, find job opportunities and create professional networks.

Earrings during this time were fashioned out of gold, silver, or bronze, and the preferred style was simple and delicate.White women accused of cultural appropriation have been told to scrap their 'hoop earrings' after a group of Latino college students complained that 'black and brown folks' were being exploited by it.

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